Monday, 16 May 2016

Useful Things You Can Do On Google Search

Our favourite and most popular search engine is Google search. It can do some useful things that will really help you. From calculation to translation. Google Search is becoming an essential tool for everyone from a student to a businessman.
Let us see what useful things you can do on Google Search :-
  • Pronounce Big Numbers :-  
Google search can teach you to pronounce Big Numbers Up to 13-Digits. All  you need to do is type your number, then type equals button (=) and English.
  • Handwriting Translation :-
Go to Google Translator website, select your languages and then click on the on the PENCIL icon beside Mic. Then input handwriting.
  • Use It Like A Calculator :-
You can direct search for any calculation is the search bar eg - 5*7, 9/3, sin (pi/2) etc. Or just type 'Calculator' in the search bar, a useful virtual calculator will be appear.
  • Google Tip Calculator :-
Yes, tip calculator. You can calculate how much percent tip do you wanna give  to the waiter. Type 'Tip Calculator', enter bill amount, number of person and tip % . It will show also how much money is spend on per person.
  • Conversion  of Units of Different Quantities :- 
You can do almost every type of conversion such as Temperature, Length, Mass, Speed, Volume, Area, Time, Digital Storage, Data Transfer Rate,  Pressure, Plane Angle, Frequency, Energy and Fuel consumption. All you need to type is 'Convert Unit'.
  • Generate a Cartesian Graph :- 
You can also generate a graph on Google Search, For example - search y = x + 5 . And the graph will be appear below the search bar.
  • Solve Geometrical Shapes Problems :- 
Solve geometrical problems for Circles, Triangles, Square, Trapezium etc etc. Just type ' Solve or calc ' and name of the shape you want to solve and an amazing calculator will appear where you'll get area, perimeter, diagonals and many more things.
  • Google Timer Right from Google Search Bar :- 
Need a timer and don't you carry your wrist watch ??? Don't worry, Google search will work as Timer. Just search 'Timer' and your timer is ready. A Stopwatch is also provided.
  • Get Sunset & Sunrise Timings of Any City :- 
Do you wanna see sunset and sunrise?? Get the exact times for the Sunrise & Sunset of any city you want. It's a very good moments to share with your love ones or family or for photography. Wishing you a wonderful sunset or sunrise.
  • Weather Forecast :- 
If you wanna see the sunset or sunrise you should also check this feature for no clouds or rain. You'll get very exact forecast of your place or  weather of any city you want to know. 

  • Check Your Flight Status :- 
An easy & fast way to know your flight status right from Google Search. It is very use for travellers or frequent fliers. Just search for the flight number.
  • Get Directions with time and distances :- 
Find out how far the trip is going by inputting both destinations, Google Search will give you the distance between both places with route map and time for particular mean of transport.
  • Search Movies of Any Actor :- 
You can search movies of your favourite actor or actress or director. Just type 'Movies by _(Name of the actor or actress or director )'. You can also short list the movies by 'Newest First' or 'Oldest First' or 'Most Popular First'.

  •  Search Books of your Favourite Author :- 

 Found a new author you like? Find all the books written by your new favourite author. Type 'Books by (Name_of_the_author)'.You can also short list the Books by 'Newest First' or 'Oldest First' or 'Most Popular First'.

  • Search release date of any movie :- 
Find out when is your favourite actor's or actress' movies is coming. Type 'Release date' and 'name of the movie'. 
I hope everyone who is reading our blog, having a good day. If not, just know that in every minute you're losing your opportunity to change that. Thank You :)

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fascinating Facts About GooGle You Didn't Know Before

Google is become a part of our lifestyle. When we need to search anything, the first thing come in our mind is Google. Let us read out some exciting facts of the Google, I bet you didn't know most the facts below.

  1. Google was originally named as "Backrub!".
    Backrub search engine
  2. Google is the incorrect form of 'Googol' which mean number 1 with 100 zeroes behind it. 
  3. Every minute, 2 million (20 lakhs) searches are performed on Google.
  4. Since 2010, Google is acquiring 2 companies every month. See the full list of companies acquired by Google, click here.   
  5. In 2004, Gmail was introduced with 2GB of cloud storage while Hotmail offered only 2MB. (Unbelievable!!! )
  6. Google consists of 9 Million of servers.
    Google Server Room
  7. On August 16 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and during this. the global internet traffic dropped by 40%.
  8. Type "I want to suicide " in Google search. It will display a suicide helpline number of your country above all the results.
  9. Every minute, average 270,000 words are written in Blogger which is a Google product.
  10. George bell, the CEO of 'Excite ' rejected to buy google when it was offered to him for 1 million dollars in 1999. Bad decision !!
  11. Google Adsense earns 20 US $ Billion  a year from advertising.
  12. Google hired camels to record Street View of the deserts. Check it out, At Liwa Oasis, UAE 
  13.  Google's first was " I'm feeling lucky " written in binary code.
  14. Google hires Goats, Yes, read that right. Google hires goats from a company called California Grazing to cut down weeds and unwanted grasses instead of petrol mower. Hmmm!! Eco-friendly.
    Google HQ, Goats 
  15. The lady who gave her garage to Larry page and Sergey brin to create Google, later she became the CEO of YouTube. 
  16. Google has the largest network of translator in the World.
  17. Google Sky gives you a view of space, stars, constellations, galaxies and planets. Check it out, CLICK HERE
  18.  Alphabet is the Google's new parent company. Google is working for Alphabet. 
    Alphabet's Family Tree
  19. Lary and Sergey's private planes have runways in NASA, where no other planes have access to land. 
  20. Google's first storage was made of Lego building blocks.
  21. Google mirror is very interesting site by Google where everything looks rotated. here you'll get several funny & exciting things like gravity, Underwater and more. 
These are the 21 funny, fascinating and exciting facts about Google. I must sure you've enjoyed.
If I missed something about Google, comment down below.
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Did You Know Your Android Phone's Camera Is More Than Just A Camera !!

We generally use phone's camera to take pictures & videos. But your phone's camera can do much more than this. You can solve your mathematics problems, translate languages, measure heights and much more.

  • You can translate foreign language text to your language.
You just need to install an app. Install Google Translate from Google play and translate any language you want. This is very useful when you're touring abroad.
Image By :-
  • Search anything by using your phone's Camera
Sometimes, We don't know anything about the some thing or place like it's name, and etc etc. But now, you don't need to ask anyone, Just capture a image of the thing or place with Google Goggles and get every details about it in your hand.
Image by :- Google Images

  • You can use your phone as surveillance camera.
IP Webcam can make your phone's camera a spy or surveillance camera.

  • Measure You Heartbeat Rate 
It is true that you can measure your Heart beat rate using phone's camera. Download Instant Heart Rate, and open the app, place your finger on the camera. It'll tell your heart beat rate.
  • Solve Maths Problems
Are you trying to find X ? After a lot of tries, you can't find X. Don't worry !! Here is PhotoMath, it is an amazing app that can solve your mathematics problem from your phone's camera.

  • Last not the least, You can measure height and distance with your phone's camera.
If you're an engineer, you must download this app. You can measure height of any building, height of any person. And also distances. Download this app now, Measure Smart.
Conclusion :-
If we missed any amazing app camera, so please comment down below, about it !!
and If you have any feedback & any suggest, please comment.
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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Wonderful Tips & Tricks for Google Chrome

When we come to browsers, the first name click in our minds is, Chrome. Yes, Google Chrome is the most popular and most impressive browser ever I had used. Now, the question is, How much do you know you browser? Don't worry. Here are some exciting tips and tricks for you to master your favourite browser, Google Chrome. 

  • For Fast and easy access use keyboard shortcuts :- 

Image Credit :- 

  • Use browser shortcuts Urls :-

  1.              Bookmarks page - chrome://bookmarks
  2.              History page - chrome://history
  3.              Settings page - chrome://settings
  4.              Extensions page - chrome://extensions
  • Use incognito mode for private browsing :-
         For private browsing you need to switch your chrome to incognito mode. Just press Ctrl + Shift + N, a new window will appear which will don't make any history of your browsing.
  • Pin your favourite tab :-
         Right click on your tab and select "Pin Tab" in the menu.
  • Use Omnibox for faster searching :- 
     Usually we use for searching anything, but you can also use omnibox for faster search access. Actually address bar is the omnibox, so don't get confuse.

  • Some useful extensions :- (Click on the linked extensions to add.)
  1.  Checker Plus for Gmail - It is very useful and you must add it to your browser. 
  2. Google Dictionary (By Google ) - Very interesting virtual dictionary, just double click on the word, the meaning will be pop-up in massage box. It access most languages.
  3. StayFocusd - When you're at work and you can't focus on your work, use this. This extension block the website which you set to block.
  • Manipulate Tabs :- 
You can drag and drop tabs to arrange them in any order you would like .
  • Set pages to load automatically 
 Go to settings, then in 'On Startup' menu, select 'Open an specific page or set of pages,' and set pages which you want to open when you start chrome. This will save your lot of time. 

These are some google chrome's unique features. If you have any tip and trick related to this post, comment down. And we will publish your tips with your credit. So, hurry up !!
I hope you had liked these tricks and tips. If you're interested to read further, please go to Blog Archive (right side).

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Simple but very effective hacks !!

Simple but very very helpful and beneficial hacks that you can do. It will definitely made your life easy. You can also show your friends your smartness by using these Hacks. Without wasting the time, Read the whole list and do as written.

  1. Put your phone on Airplane mode before you're going to play games because it block the ads.
  2. Have you accidentally closed the tab? Don't worry. Just press CTRL + SHIFT + T .
  3. Did you know your Google Chrome has it's own Task Manager ? Just press SHIFT + ESC .
  4. Do you wanna buy cheapest Air line tickets online? Use incognito mode in your browser while booking tickets.
  5. If you think someone is giving you incorrect phone number. Just read it back incorrectly. If they correct, the number is legit.
  6. Just type "awesome" when you're playing any video on YouTube. The seek bar will blink with different colors.
  7. If you buy something on amazon and it's price goes down within 30 days, just e-mail them what you have bought and how much you paid with all details. They will refund how much the price went down .
  8. If you want to Re-play any video on YouTube, just press ' 0  ' before it ends. 
  9. Want to download any YouTube video ?? Just put " ss " after 'www.' and before '' in your video page and press Enter.
  10. To skip any YouTube ad, just replace 'youtube' with 'youtubeskip' in the URL of the video.
  11. Last but not the least, don't forget to share  this post on Google + and Facebook. 
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How to use Facebook Mobile Version via Pc ?

Hello, I will tell you how to use your facebook account through your PC but as mobile version.
It's very easy, just go to address bar in your browser and just type .
There are amazing benefits of using mobile version in your pc.

  • If you're using USB modem or Dongle for Internet, it save your data.
  • Your friends will see you as you're active with mobile but you aren't.
  • If loads faster than PC version because it uses very less data.
  • New exciting interface, if you're bored with old browser Facebook. 

Thank you, if you want to contribute to our blog.  Just send a very simple e-mail to us on . 

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