Sunday, 3 June 2018

5 Best Gaming Mouse under 599 INR

Below listed are the 5 budget gaming mouses by some well reputed manufacturers such as Logitech, HP and RedGear. 

1. Cosmic Byte CB-M-05 Pulsar V2 ( 500 INR)

This mouse have all the features as much as a premium gaming mouse have. It offers adjustable resolution ranging from 800 to 4800 dpi. This 200g device have 6 programmable buttons.

cosmic byte gaming mouse
Source :-

Pulsar V2 can be programmed by the given software along with the mouse. With smooth performance and great grip, it comes with 1.5 meters of wire and 1 year manufacturing warranty. 

2. Cosmic Byte CB-M-06 Neutron (499 INR) 

With almost the same price as Pulsar V2, it also have 6 programmable buttons along with 7 RBG light. Talking about the resolution, it offers from 800 dpi to 3200 dpi. And it looks like a bit slimmer and lighter than the Pulsar V2.

Neutron can also be programmed by the given software along with the mouse. It comes with just a bit longer with than the Pulsar V2, 1.8 meters along with 1 year manufacturing warranty. 

3. Logitech G90 Optical Mouse  (499 INR)

G90 is a light weigh and slick gaming mouse. With fixed resolution of 2500 DPI, this optical mouse is very precise and accurate. As per the Logitech, it's respond rate is quite good, 0.2 sec

As seen in the image, this mouse don't have those fancy and funky look, but it's performance is just amazing. Getting this on 50 % discount, would be a great deal.

4. Dragon War Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse  (424 INR)

Emera Ele is equipped with 6 programmable buttons as first 2 mouses along with blue sensor technology of selected resolutions viz. 800, 1200, 2000 and 3200 DPI. Its comes in 2 funky designs and 1 black ordinary design as shown below. 

Source :-
Talking more about the mouse, it comes with fiber coated wire of 1.8 meters with gold plated 2.0 USB connector. For 424 bucks, it is a must device to buy. 

5. HP M100 Wired Gaming Optical Mouse (589 INR)

Yes, It is over 500 bucks, but spend more 90 rupees on this product won't be a waste. As it is the world's leading tech brand, HP.

M100 is rugged and light gaming mouse with a very simple design. Talking about its resolution, it has only two particular resolutions of 1000 DPI and 1600 DPI. This mouse has fine lining of RGB lights which looks really nice in dark.

Source :-

With M series of mouses, HP is trying to jump gaming platform too. But this mouse is  neither so good nor so bad. You can also use this for office and normal use too.

I hope you've liked our list. This was the first post of our of TOP TECH. In future, we are coming with many more exciting TOP TECH posts. Stay Tuned !!

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Upcoming updates to Instragram | Facebook F8 event Update

At F8, Mark Zuckerburg has announced some new features for Facebook like dating and watch party. Facebook is looking to be a jack of all trades with new features coming to its app.

Facebook has also announced a big set of features coming to Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, and Oculus.
Let's have an idea of new features coming to Instagram.

Update No. 1 :- Video Chat 

Image Source :- CNET

In upcoming weeks, Instagram will be loaded with video chat feature, where you can have face-2-face conversations, whether it's one-or-one or in large group.
You can access this feature just by tapping on the camera icon in the direct message slide in upcoming weeks.

Update No. 2 :- Changes in Explore Tab

Image source :- Cnet

Zuckerberg said Facebook is redesigning its Explore tab, with Topic Channels. Instead of a compilation of all the images you might be interested in, viewers will be able to browse by topics related to their hobbies and other enthusiasms.

Update No. 3 :- AR Camera Effects 

Source :-


The new development is that they're coming to Instagram, which lets people take photos or videos with virtual effects in the frame, like a cartoon character dunking a basketball.

People will be able to see a library of effects they can use, as well as try out effects they've seen used in other stories. Developers can also create their own effects, Zuckerberg said.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Audi Layer :- 4-in-1 Input Device

German car maker Audi recently collaborated with Jarim Koo - a famous industrial and product designer to create this classy Audi Layer. 
The Audi Layer is a stylish,  multipurpose 4-in-1 input device for your personal computer. 

Jarim says, "On the premise that an Audi owners’ top priority lifestyle is driving their Audi cars, I devised various scenarios for their second lifestyle. Out of all the scenarios, I researched on what is emphatically taken for a routine and chose a desktop PC in people’s office lives as a second lifestyle target. On enquiry, I found out that so many input devices are tangled up together to support a desktop PC that the desk space gradually becomes inefficient, further causing other problems. Therefore, I attempted to draw solutions to such problems, based on the design philosophy of Audi."

To avoid such inefficient, and messy desk for their Audi owners, Jarim designed this 4-in-1 devices which sum as a multi devices in a single unit. Of course which surely gives the classy look to desk and increase the efficiency. 
Source :- Behance

Let's talk about the 4-in-1 functions :- 
  1. Its flat  surface can be used as a trackpad.
  2. When accompanying the stylus is activated, the trackpad doubles up as a tablet.
  3. When slide out the trackpad, there comes a sleek and typing friendly Qwerty keyboard.
  4.  As you see in the pictures, there is a mouse with the Audi logo on it. 

audi device

This is highly customized input not only gives you a keyboard, a mouse, a trackpad or a tablet, as well as a classy device which surely makes  your desk eye-catching.  

It has a type-C USB port which charges all the devices such as mouse,  keyboard and the trackpad itself.

The product isn't available for sale, yet. And its price is also not decided by the manufacturer. 
Hope, Audi will soon start its sale.
Source :- Behance

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Cheapest Tricks To Speed Up A Computer

Hello Readers, I'm back again in 2017. Sorry for the gap, it just happened because I lost my father last year on September. It took really hard time to recover, and I was also very busy in my studies due to the tragedy.But but but, I'm back, readers. With a new energy to make you read and give some very exciting information.
On the internet there are enormous amount of tricks and tips to speed up, but the thing is they are expensive like changing the RAM ( not only the solution). There are some techniques which can affect your PC performance.
So, let us start...

  1. Refresh the PC after closing any software, this will delete the cache files from the cache memory and the application related data from the memory.
  2. Make sure your PC boots up properly, before opening any software. 
  3. Do not congregate the Desktop with lot of Shortcuts as each Shortcut on the Desktop uses up to 500 bytes of RAM.
  4. Disable the unneeded hardware such as floppy disk driver, bluetooth, controllers and radios etc. If you go into device manager, you’ll see there are a couple of items you can disable if you no longer use them.
  5. Use Disk CleanUp to delete temporary files, offline webpages, recycle bin's stuff etc etc.
  6. De-fragment the Hard Drive Disk monthly.
  7. Make sure that the local disk(c:) is empty as possible as you can, because when your RAM become full your PC will you it is Virtual memory.
  8. Whenever you'll install new software make sure to uncheck some option such as "Making a Tray Icon" and "Starts when the computer starts". 
  9. Dust, computers' friend and foe. Yes, computers main parts like CPU, memory, and ICs are made of sand. But sand fine particles, dust is the foe of the computers which make them too slow. So, make sure to clean your PC regularly.
  10. Last is, Keep your PC update, all drivers should be updated to work properly. 
That's it. If you have any question, suggestion,  and feedback, let me know in the comment section. 😊😊😊😊😊

Sunday, 20 November 2016

WHO : Limit Headphone Time To 1 Hour A Day

The World Health Organization recently said that over 1.1 Billion people around 18 - 25 ages are at risk of hear loss due to overuse of personal audio devices such as Headphones and Earphones. And also because of High-Volume music at Bars, Clubs, And Concerts. Hearing loss has potentially devastating results for physical and mental health, education and employment.

How to Prevent this ?

WHO recommends that the highest level of noise should be 85dB only up to 8 hours a day. People should wear ear plugs whenever they visit any concert, night club or bars or anywhere there is loud noise.
WHO also recommends teenagers to limit their listening time to less than one hour a day. You can also use smartphone applications, to monitor safe listening levels.

Some Smartphone Apps :-
  For Android :-  deciBel  , Sound Decibel Meter
  For iOS :- TooLoud Pro , dB Volume Meter
  For Windows Phone :- Audio Meter , Decibel Meter

Source :- 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Scare Your Facebook Friends

Are you bored of texting ?? Or do you wanna prank your friends.
Here, I have a very exciting idea to make them SCARE !!!

 When they'll open it, a message will display this is not for faint heart..and after few seconds..They'll got goosebumps..

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Indian Inventors Who Shaped Today's Computers

When we come to computers and technology, the first things comes in our mind are Microsoft's Bill Gates and Apple .Inc 's Steve Jobs.
But behind their success there were some INDIAN inventors who also contributed to shape today's Personal Computers.

VA Shiva Ayyadurai

Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian origin boy, invented this technology in 1978. When he was just 14 years old then he developed a full-scale emulation of the interoffice mail system. He named it an E-mail " system. His E-mail system has every functions of the interoffice mail system such as Inbox, Folders, Outbox, and etc etc. 

Ajay Bhatt

First of all, watch the video.
Portrayed Ad. of Ajay Bhatt

After watching the video, probably you've been sure of what was he co-invented, USB. But that's not the complete fact, he also co-invented few more things such as AGP(Accelerated Graphic Port), PCI Express. 
Some words by Ajay Batt, "My dream come true with getting the opportunity to shape the future of the PC. "

Vinod Dham

Image source - Google Images
The ' Father of Pentium' microprocessor, Mr. Vinod Dham invented the highly successful Intel Microprocessor "Pentium". 80% of computers in this world is running on Pentium series. Vinod also co-invented the flash-memory technology, which is known as SD card.

Narinder Singh Kapany

He is an Indian born American physicist known for his pioneer research work in fiber optics and considered as one of the founders of fiber optics and popularly called as first light-bender, an important invention used in voice, data, and video transmission technologies and even used for medical purpose such as endoscopy, bronchoscopy.

Img src - Google Images
Unlike to many, he is a non-IITian and rather graduated from Agra university, done Ph.D from prestigious Imperial College of  London in 1955 and noticeably, he has more than 120 patents to his name.

Krishna Bharat

Krishan Bharat who is Principal research Scientist at Google Inc. is responsible for developing Google News which is an automated news aggregation provided by Google Inc where not a single person is involved in the altering of the front page or story promotion unlike to traditional news portal it’s just tweaking the aggregation algorithm which pulled the news all over the web.

Arun Netravali

Arun is an Electrical engineer (IIT-Mumbai) known for pioneering contributions that transformed TV from analog to digital especially the development of HDTV technology at Bell Labs in the 1990s.
Img src - Google Images.
His work led to development of a video encoder which today is being used by more than 150 TV channels for their HDTV broadcasts, surprising isn’t it. Arun Netravalu worked for NASA, taught in MIT, worked in Bell Labs as President, Lucent Technologies as Chief scientist.

5 Best Gaming Mouse under 599 INR

Below listed are the 5 budget gaming mouses by some well reputed manufacturers such as Logitech, HP and RedGear.  1.  Cosmic Byte CB-M...