Monday, 16 May 2016

Useful Things You Can Do On Google Search

Our favourite and most popular search engine is Google search. It can do some useful things that will really help you. From calculation to translation. Google Search is becoming an essential tool for everyone from a student to a businessman.
Let us see what useful things you can do on Google Search :-
  • Pronounce Big Numbers :-  
Google search can teach you to pronounce Big Numbers Up to 13-Digits. All  you need to do is type your number, then type equals button (=) and English.
  • Handwriting Translation :-
Go to Google Translator website, select your languages and then click on the on the PENCIL icon beside Mic. Then input handwriting.
  • Use It Like A Calculator :-
You can direct search for any calculation is the search bar eg - 5*7, 9/3, sin (pi/2) etc. Or just type 'Calculator' in the search bar, a useful virtual calculator will be appear.
  • Google Tip Calculator :-
Yes, tip calculator. You can calculate how much percent tip do you wanna give  to the waiter. Type 'Tip Calculator', enter bill amount, number of person and tip % . It will show also how much money is spend on per person.
  • Conversion  of Units of Different Quantities :- 
You can do almost every type of conversion such as Temperature, Length, Mass, Speed, Volume, Area, Time, Digital Storage, Data Transfer Rate,  Pressure, Plane Angle, Frequency, Energy and Fuel consumption. All you need to type is 'Convert Unit'.
  • Generate a Cartesian Graph :- 
You can also generate a graph on Google Search, For example - search y = x + 5 . And the graph will be appear below the search bar.
  • Solve Geometrical Shapes Problems :- 
Solve geometrical problems for Circles, Triangles, Square, Trapezium etc etc. Just type ' Solve or calc ' and name of the shape you want to solve and an amazing calculator will appear where you'll get area, perimeter, diagonals and many more things.
  • Google Timer Right from Google Search Bar :- 
Need a timer and don't you carry your wrist watch ??? Don't worry, Google search will work as Timer. Just search 'Timer' and your timer is ready. A Stopwatch is also provided.
  • Get Sunset & Sunrise Timings of Any City :- 
Do you wanna see sunset and sunrise?? Get the exact times for the Sunrise & Sunset of any city you want. It's a very good moments to share with your love ones or family or for photography. Wishing you a wonderful sunset or sunrise.
  • Weather Forecast :- 
If you wanna see the sunset or sunrise you should also check this feature for no clouds or rain. You'll get very exact forecast of your place or  weather of any city you want to know. 

  • Check Your Flight Status :- 
An easy & fast way to know your flight status right from Google Search. It is very use for travellers or frequent fliers. Just search for the flight number.
  • Get Directions with time and distances :- 
Find out how far the trip is going by inputting both destinations, Google Search will give you the distance between both places with route map and time for particular mean of transport.
  • Search Movies of Any Actor :- 
You can search movies of your favourite actor or actress or director. Just type 'Movies by _(Name of the actor or actress or director )'. You can also short list the movies by 'Newest First' or 'Oldest First' or 'Most Popular First'.

  •  Search Books of your Favourite Author :- 

 Found a new author you like? Find all the books written by your new favourite author. Type 'Books by (Name_of_the_author)'.You can also short list the Books by 'Newest First' or 'Oldest First' or 'Most Popular First'.

  • Search release date of any movie :- 
Find out when is your favourite actor's or actress' movies is coming. Type 'Release date' and 'name of the movie'. 
I hope everyone who is reading our blog, having a good day. If not, just know that in every minute you're losing your opportunity to change that. Thank You :)

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