Sunday, 1 May 2016

Simple but very effective hacks !!

Simple but very very helpful and beneficial hacks that you can do. It will definitely made your life easy. You can also show your friends your smartness by using these Hacks. Without wasting the time, Read the whole list and do as written.

  1. Put your phone on Airplane mode before you're going to play games because it block the ads.
  2. Have you accidentally closed the tab? Don't worry. Just press CTRL + SHIFT + T .
  3. Did you know your Google Chrome has it's own Task Manager ? Just press SHIFT + ESC .
  4. Do you wanna buy cheapest Air line tickets online? Use incognito mode in your browser while booking tickets.
  5. If you think someone is giving you incorrect phone number. Just read it back incorrectly. If they correct, the number is legit.
  6. Just type "awesome" when you're playing any video on YouTube. The seek bar will blink with different colors.
  7. If you buy something on amazon and it's price goes down within 30 days, just e-mail them what you have bought and how much you paid with all details. They will refund how much the price went down .
  8. If you want to Re-play any video on YouTube, just press ' 0  ' before it ends. 
  9. Want to download any YouTube video ?? Just put " ss " after 'www.' and before '' in your video page and press Enter.
  10. To skip any YouTube ad, just replace 'youtube' with 'youtubeskip' in the URL of the video.
  11. Last but not the least, don't forget to share  this post on Google + and Facebook. 
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