Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Did You Know Your Android Phone's Camera Is More Than Just A Camera !!

We generally use phone's camera to take pictures & videos. But your phone's camera can do much more than this. You can solve your mathematics problems, translate languages, measure heights and much more.

  • You can translate foreign language text to your language.
You just need to install an app. Install Google Translate from Google play and translate any language you want. This is very useful when you're touring abroad.
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  • Search anything by using your phone's Camera
Sometimes, We don't know anything about the some thing or place like it's name, and etc etc. But now, you don't need to ask anyone, Just capture a image of the thing or place with Google Goggles and get every details about it in your hand.
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  • You can use your phone as surveillance camera.
IP Webcam can make your phone's camera a spy or surveillance camera.

  • Measure You Heartbeat Rate 
It is true that you can measure your Heart beat rate using phone's camera. Download Instant Heart Rate, and open the app, place your finger on the camera. It'll tell your heart beat rate.
  • Solve Maths Problems
Are you trying to find X ? After a lot of tries, you can't find X. Don't worry !! Here is PhotoMath, it is an amazing app that can solve your mathematics problem from your phone's camera.

  • Last not the least, You can measure height and distance with your phone's camera.
If you're an engineer, you must download this app. You can measure height of any building, height of any person. And also distances. Download this app now, Measure Smart.
Conclusion :-
If we missed any amazing app camera, so please comment down below, about it !!
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