Cheapest Tricks To Speed Up A Computer

Hello Readers, I'm back again in 2017. Sorry for the gap, it just happened because I lost my father last year on September. It took really hard time to recover, and I was also very busy in my studies due to the tragedy.But but but, I'm back, readers. With a new energy to make you read and give some very exciting information.
On the internet there are enormous amount of tricks and tips to speed up, but the thing is they are expensive like changing the RAM ( not only the solution). There are some techniques which can affect your PC performance.
So, let us start...

  1. Refresh the PC after closing any software, this will delete the cache files from the cache memory and the application related data from the memory.
  2. Make sure your PC boots up properly, before opening any software. 
  3. Do not congregate the Desktop with lot of Shortcuts as each Shortcut on the Desktop uses up to 500 bytes of RAM.
  4. Disable the unneeded hardware such as floppy disk driver, bluetooth, controllers and radios etc. If you go into device manager, you’ll see there are a couple of items you can disable if you no longer use them.
  5. Use Disk CleanUp to delete temporary files, offline webpages, recycle bin's stuff etc etc.
  6. De-fragment the Hard Drive Disk monthly.
  7. Make sure that the local disk(c:) is empty as possible as you can, because when your RAM become full your PC will you it is Virtual memory.
  8. Whenever you'll install new software make sure to uncheck some option such as "Making a Tray Icon" and "Starts when the computer starts". 
  9. Dust, computers' friend and foe. Yes, computers main parts like CPU, memory, and ICs are made of sand. But sand fine particles, dust is the foe of the computers which make them too slow. So, make sure to clean your PC regularly.
  10. Last is, Keep your PC update, all drivers should be updated to work properly. 
That's it. If you have any question, suggestion,  and feedback, let me know in the comment section. 😊😊😊😊😊


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