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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fascinating Facts About GooGle You Didn't Know Before

Google is become a part of our lifestyle. When we need to search anything, the first thing come in our mind is Google. Let us read out some exciting facts of the Google, I bet you didn't know most the facts below.

  1. Google was originally named as "Backrub!".
    Backrub search engine
  2. Google is the incorrect form of 'Googol' which mean number 1 with 100 zeroes behind it. 
  3. Every minute, 2 million (20 lakhs) searches are performed on Google.
  4. Since 2010, Google is acquiring 2 companies every month. See the full list of companies acquired by Google, click here.   
  5. In 2004, Gmail was introduced with 2GB of cloud storage while Hotmail offered only 2MB. (Unbelievable!!! )
  6. Google consists of 9 Million of servers.
    Google Server Room
  7. On August 16 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and during this. the global internet traffic dropped by 40%.
  8. Type "I want to suicide " in Google search. It will display a suicide helpline number of your country above all the results.
  9. Every minute, average 270,000 words are written in Blogger which is a Google product.
  10. George bell, the CEO of 'Excite ' rejected to buy google when it was offered to him for 1 million dollars in 1999. Bad decision !!
  11. Google Adsense earns 20 US $ Billion  a year from advertising.
  12. Google hired camels to record Street View of the deserts. Check it out, At Liwa Oasis, UAE 
  13.  Google's first was " I'm feeling lucky " written in binary code.
  14. Google hires Goats, Yes, read that right. Google hires goats from a company called California Grazing to cut down weeds and unwanted grasses instead of petrol mower. Hmmm!! Eco-friendly.
    Google HQ, Goats 
  15. The lady who gave her garage to Larry page and Sergey brin to create Google, later she became the CEO of YouTube. 
  16. Google has the largest network of translator in the World.
  17. Google Sky gives you a view of space, stars, constellations, galaxies and planets. Check it out, CLICK HERE
  18.  Alphabet is the Google's new parent company. Google is working for Alphabet. 
    Alphabet's Family Tree
  19. Lary and Sergey's private planes have runways in NASA, where no other planes have access to land. 
  20. Google's first storage was made of Lego building blocks.
  21. Google mirror is very interesting site by Google where everything looks rotated. here you'll get several funny & exciting things like gravity, Underwater and more. 
These are the 21 funny, fascinating and exciting facts about Google. I must sure you've enjoyed.
If I missed something about Google, comment down below.
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